The Branding Sprint for startups



Make Your Startup One of the Standouts

The Branding Sprint for Startups is A simple six-part cycle
you can follow to build a better brand right now
(no agency or marketing experience required).

  • Actionable insights that will help you connect with customers and investors from the start

  • The must-haves for your brand today—and things you can save till later

  • Real branding stories (good, bad and ugly) from startups in different industries

  • Techniques companies typically spend $100K+ for when working with an agency

  • Easy-to-follow framework that's structured, time-constrained, collaborative and repeatable

More About The Branding Sprint for Startups

We now live in a Culture of Connection. Whether customers are buying locally-sourced juice or open-sourced software, they want to feel a connection to your business.
According to CB Insights, over 90% of startups fail—because they never connect with their customers in meaningful ways that drive sales and loyalty. Great branding is all about creating the deep customer connections that will make your startup one of the standouts (aka the 10%). And you can set the right foundations for your great branding today.